Canadians unveil a suffrage mural during centennial observance

Canada’s observance of its suffrage centennial is underway and it has included the unveiling of a commemorative mural celebrating the 100th anniversary of Manitoba women winning the right to vote sponsored by the West End Business Improvement Zone is a non-profit association of business people committed to building a stronger West End community by supporting the businesses and organizations within the confines of the geographic boundaries. There are currently more than 1,000 business located within the 200 city blocks that comprise the BIZ area.

The Nellie McClung Foundation has been busy promoting the suffrage centennial in 2016. The organization has a two-part mandate: to raise funds to create and erect a memorial, now on the grounds of the Manitoba Legislative building, commemorating the work of Nellie McClung; and to educate the public about her passion and achievements in the pursuit of women’s and human rights.