January is Hot Tea Month: Special program about tea, Alice Paul and the women’s suffrage movement!

“Tea with Alice and Me” is multi-media stage presentation featuring Alice Paul scholar, Zoe Nicholson. With a backdrop of photographs and newspaper clippings, Zoe tells the story of the great teacher of nonviolent direct action and the incendiary thread of tea in the woman’s suffrage campaigning of the early 20th century.

Publicly fasting on water for 37 days for the ERA, Summer, 1982, Zoe Nicholson had no idea that the author of the ERA and Alice Paul would be the North Star for the rest of Zoe’s life. With each revelation, each phone interview, a rich bibliography, hundreds of hours scouring newspapers,  the puzzle’s pieces would finally come into focus. Zoe asks how different activism of the 20th century would be if the principal methods for social change were rightfully attributed to Alice Paul.  This small Quaker woman carried a fire for equality that could not be extinguished.  Alice never rested from the sustained campaign for the 19th Amendment to over fifty years writing and advocating for the Equal Rights Amendment.