Inez Milholland

200 gather at Inez Milholland grave in Lewis, New York

January 21, 2018

Among the many women’s marches across the United States in 2018 was one to honor Inez Milholland, the U.S. suffrage martyr. Sandra Weber and David Hodges organized the event. Follow the programming at

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October 22, 2017 program about Inez Milholland in New York City

September 9, 2017

Darci Tucker performs Upon a White Horse Sunday, October 22, 2017 at 1:00 p.m. One hundred years ago the women of New York won the right to vote, thanks in part to “the lady on the white horse.” A graduate of the NYU School of Law, Inez Milholland used her looks and her brains to bring attention to […]

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“Thank you, Inez Milholland” say Dutch women filmmakers of “Ahoy!”

March 7, 2014

Dutch women filmmakers have produced a new film, “Ahoy!” that features American suffragist Inez Milholland as an example (among others) of women who continue to inspire us today. Statement from the Dutch women who produced “Ahoy!” –a work shown at two film festivals. With pride we present our film Ahoy! unsurpassed women of the world.The film […]

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