VIDEO: Our hero continues on a mission to see suffrage wagon!

A YouTube video on the continuing journey of our hero to visit Albany, NY.

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This is the 98th year since the final state, Tennessee, ratified the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution in 1920. The 100th anniversary is in 2020. That’s what all the attention is about—preparing for the national observance of US women voting. How are you planning to be involved?

And what’s so important about this votes for women campaign wagon called the “Spirit of 1776”? First of all, it will be exhibited at the New York State Museum in 2020. Second, it’s representative of the theme of the overall women’s movement in the first wave—linking the American Revolution to the women’s rights struggle.

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The year 2016 was the 100th observance since the death of our US suffrage martyr, Inez Milholland. Visit the web site that features ongoing news about Inez.

Suffrage Wagon Cafe has a special program on August 26th in 2018 about Women’s Equality Day.