One way to celebrate Women’s History Month is to check out the cards and prints of artist Meneese Wall. Her image of Inez Milholland is one of many choices that deserve attention for special gifts and notes to write now and in the future. When Meneese started illustrating the first wave of the women’s rights movement, she didn’t know all that much. Now, she’s emerged from total immersion into the campaigning and she has quite a lot of insight to show for it. One of her images is featured on the Gazette issue of Votes for Women, published in 2018 by the National Women’s History Alliance, formerly the National Women’s History Project.

Inspired by historical events, people, quotes and memorabilia from the suffrage movement, Meneese’s graphic illustrations are paired with text that give historical context to her work. To date, Meneese has featured Susan B. Anthony, Alice Paul, and pro-suffrage journals such as The Suffragist and The Woman Voter. Meneese Wall is looking forward to the upcoming 2020 suffrage centennial celebration.

To find out more about Meneese and her work, visit her website. You can email her at

Meneese Wall is an example of someone who started out knowing relatively little about the first wave of the women’s rights movement. She started researching and then translated her insights and awareness into art. And her work has been featured in various venues. Meneese Wall loves the spirit of the suffrage campaigning and this shows in her work! is a public service for the media, policymakers, educators, students, and all others interested in preparing for 2020, the national votes for women centennial when US women will have been voting for 100 years.


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