Meryl StreepNow that Meryl Streep has accepted the role of suffrage leader Emmeline Pankhurst in the film “Suffragette” that’s in production in the UK, there’s a buzz going on, big time. The film written by Abi Morgan and directed by Sarah Gavron is the first big feature film on the English suffrage movement. And it’s about time! The Houses of Parliament are opening the doors to the film crews as a stage set; this is astonishing observers around the world as many have been following the laments that U.S. women in the film industry, in general, are relatively invisible. See “The Academy’s Celluloid Ceiling,” an interview with Martha Burk. Follow the progress of “Suffragette” because it’s definitely rocking the cradle.

And don’t you just love the lead sentence by Lillian Swanson from the Philadelphia City Paper in a recent article about a new documentary on women’s rights activist Lucretia Mott that’s in the works: “Don’t let that demure bonnet fool you. Lucretia Mott was one kick-ass chick, a Philly sparkplug with a strong voice whose push for abolition of slavery and women’s suffrage helped move a nation.” The documentary is part of a new TV documentary series, now in production, called “The Women of Philadelphia. Our Stories. Our Voices. Our Times.” History Making Productions is raising money for the documentary series.

Rock the cradle! Follow suffrage centennials on The New York History blog is running a special feature series during March on women’s history, and contributors are welcome.