Yes, we started as a blogging tour of the women’s rights movement back in 2013. Now, we’re an information and referrral service for the 2020 centennial of votes for women. Part of getting the word out is to news outlets as a public service.

We’re counting on communicators to spread the word about

Do you need a press release about the 2020 votes for women centennial? Do you need a source or someone to feature? Marguerite Kearns is the granddaughter of Edna Buckman Kearns. If you need a quote for your story? Something that no one else has, get in touch with Marguerite. As 2020 approaches, there is need for support of 2020 events, celebrations, and commemorations.

A book worth having in your library, or a tremendous resource for writers, bloggers, educators, policymakers, etc. has been publishing since 2013. The National Women’s History Project is changing its name to the Women’s History Alliance.



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