Vintage sleighSusan B. did it, I did it (once), and it was a highly recommended past-time during the 19th century, when speeding around Boston’s streets in one-horse open sleighs was great sport and a thrilling activity for courting couples and old fools alike. Just once, my father hitched our big Morgan to the sleigh and drove my best friend and me to town one pristine snowy morning. No other vehicle was on the street when we pulled up to the Village Green. I held the excited horse, Troubadour, while my father went into the News Shop to buy the good old liberal New York Post. Then we drove the mile back home. It’s very cold in an open sleigh. You’re sitting still, so there’s no exercise to warm you. The wind whips around you without benefit of a windshield. I understand why buffalo robes were helpful. I’m sorry to report that we never repeated the experience, because the next time we hitched up Troubadour, he kicked the sleigh to smithereens. My fault. I didn’t know how to drive. Anyway, it was a wonderful experience that one time. I suggest that New York State close the Finger Lakes region to all but Sleigh traffic during the month of January every year. Isn’t that a beautiful image?