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Women’s Suffrage Centennial Resources

The following list of resources is brought to you by the Women’s History Alliance (formerly the National Women’s History Project). This is just a sampling of what’s happening.  Be ready to spend some  time at each of these websites.  They hold a surprising array of news, information, resources and products to illuminate the suffrage centennial.  Naturally, they would also appreciate your financial support.


Women’s Vote Centennial Initiative (WVCI) – www.2020Centennial.org – national center, contact with calendar events, news, etc. – note use of logo

National Women’s History Alliance – www.nwhp.org, source of “How Women Won the Vote” Gazette with national and state resources and links (see page 4)

National Votes for Women Trail – contacts in nearly every state, www.ncwhs.org

National Collaborative for Women’s History Sites – suffrage related and much more, www.ncwhs.org 

Suffrage Centennials website/blog – Marguerite Kearns www.suffragecentennials.com/ and www.SuffrageWagon.org 

American Journalism Special Suffrage Edition (2019) has put together an exceptionally rich website –  www.SuffrageandtheMedia.org

Turning Point Suffragist Memorial in Lorton, VA, outside of DC – www.suffragistmemorial.org    

Suffragist of the Day  – David Dismore: www.suffragistmemorial.org/category/david-dismore/,

African American Suffragists summary:  https://suffragistmemorial.org/african-american-women-leaders-in-the-suffrage-movement/

Women and Social Movements – research individual suffragists, including black and NWP, Tom Dublin, http://womhist.alexanderstreet.com/

National Woman’s Party, incl. collections – www.nationalwomansparty.org/

Vision 2020 – https://drexel.edu/vision2020/

American Association of University Women – https://www.aauw.org/

Feminist Majority Foundation – www.feminist.org

Also check in with the League of Women Voters, NOW and other national groups, particularly their state and local chapters

The official Women’s Suffrage Centennial Commission will soon be operating


Massachusetts – http://suffrage100ma.org/ has downloadable centennial display panels

Arkansas – https://ualrexhibits.org/suffrage/, and http://www.arkansasheritage.com/Programs/commemorative-programs/Womens-Suffrage/About 

Tennessee – http://tnwomansuffrageheritagetrail.com/, http://suffragecoalition.org (Harry Burn and mother statues) 

California – www.ca2020womenssuffrageproject.org, Leasa Graves

Utah – www.betterdays2020.com/ – Katherine Kitterman. Promoting a Women’s Suffrage Recognition license plate, plus trading cards, posters and art prints of 50 Utah women

Oregon – great state centennial site, http://centuryofaction.org, innovative “Sash Project”

Other states’ centennial commissions – constantly expanding, check online

State Commissions on Status of Women, Women’s Hall of Fame, Women’s History Projects


Local and county libraries, museums, historical societies, town meetings, government agencies

Schools, universities, Special Collections

Civic groups, businesses, non-profits, YWCAs, Women’s Clubs

American Association for State & Local History – https://aaslh.org/

Local chapters of national groups – AAUW, NOW, LWV, American Bar Association, etc.


“Here Lies a Suffragist, “Find a Suffrage Gravesite, Markers – www.nwhp.org under Resources

State suffrage history – 2018 Gazette and Resources list – www.nwhp.org (see below)

Women’s Justice Bell–https://www.justicebell.org/

Women on 20s–www.womenon20s.org     

Suffragists Centennial Motorcycle Ride! – https://centennialride.com/


Mireille Miller’s course – www.Suffragettes2020.com, Women Leading the Way, art and storytelling project, includes international suffragists on website

HerFlag – https://www.herflag.com/, national project for artists

Meneese Wall’s artwork – http://www.meneesewall.com/meneesewall/Meneese_Wall.html

I would like to be able to help various groups create a beautiful look for their centennial celebration with an allegorical image (for their website, t-shirts, websites, and other promotional materials) and help them pay for it with artwork and note cards to sell or give as donor incentive gifts. This is what I’ve been working toward. I want to help!!!


Stanton and Anthony statue, New York – www.monumentalwomen.org 

Ida B. Wells-Barnett, Illinois – http://www.idabwellsmonument.org/

Suffragists’ statues in Tennessee – http://tnsuffragemonument.org/ ,

Susan B. Anthony statue in Adams, Massachusetts (she’ll be 200 in 2020) – https://www.berkshireeagle.com/stories/8-foot-tall-susan-b-anthony-statue-headed-for-adams-in-time-for-suffragettes-200th-birthday,547560

Suffrage Monument, proposed for D.C. – http://everywordweutter.com/

Women’s Monument in Virginia, planned for Richmond’s Capitol Square, with 12 bronze statues and a wall etched with additional 400 names of state women, http://womensmonumentcom.virginia.gov/  

Turning Point Suffragist Memorial in Lorton, Virginia, just outside of D.C. – www.suffragistmemorial.org 

#SendMartha campaign to send statue of Dr. Martha Hughes Cannon of Utah, the nation’s first female state senator, to Statuary Hall – www.sendmartha.com

Erect roadside signs and historic markers – www.ncwhs.org


The Woman’s Journal,Harvard Library has scans, www.lib.harvard.edu  

“The Women’s Suffrage Movement,” Edited by Sally Roesch Wagner, Gloria Steinem (Foreword) – March 5, 2019

“Winning the Vote,” “Remembering Inezwww.AmericanGraphicPress.com  (articles), effort to place books in local and school libraries

Many recent books: Woman’s Hour, Alice Paul, AH Shaw, Suffragents, Gilded Suffragists

Films by Martha Wheelock: “Forward into Light,” “How Women Won the Vote in California,” “Tea with Alice” on Alice Paul   https://wildwestwomen.org/

One Woman, One Vote Film Festival – https://2020owovfest.org/about/

The Black Suffragist film – http://www.blacksuffragette.com/   

Existing videos – “Not for Ourselves Alone: The Story of Elizabeth Stanton and Susan Anthony,” “Iron Jawed Angels,” “One Woman, One Vote”

Gerri Gribi music – www.CreativeFolk.com

Individual suffragist profiled = www.InezMilhollandCentennial.com   

Linda Allen music – https://www.lindasongs.com/

Dolly Parton’s 19th Amendment song – NY Times 9/17/18

The Suffragists musical – Shaina Taub on Facebook

The Vote – PBS 4 hour special, being planned

The Woman’s Hour – Spielberg & Clinton TV series

Google Arts and Culture presentation on Elizabeth Cady Stanton – https://artsandculture.google.com/entity/m0bwm9

Ken Florey’s site on Suffrage Postcards and Memorabilia – https://womansuffragememorabilia.com/woman-suffrage-memorabilia/author-page/,   and Google Arts & Culture: https://artsandculture.google.com/asset/women-s-suffrage-memorabilia-1890-1917/uwHpvtsAenU6Eg

Romance covers


Library of Congress – www.loc.com, great collections, offers valuable teacher resources, photographs and many publications including the wonderful “American Women” book on LOC resources online https://memory.loc.gov/ammem/awhhtml/index.html, “Record of Leslie Women’s Suffrage Commission,” “Woman Suffrage and Politics” and more

Bryn Mawr Carrie Chapman Catt Collection of Suffrage Photographs (especially state leaders and actions)  http://triptych.brynmawr.edu/cdm/landingpage/collection/suffragists

National Women’s History Museum – https://www.womenshistory.org/, online exhibits

Google Books and Gutenberg – https://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/ have many free suffrage books online, especially key reference for the states and the movement “The History of Woman Suffrage” in 6 volumes, “The Story of the Woman’s Party,” and more

SITES (just a sampling)

Belmont-Paul Women’s Equality National Monument – https://www.nps.gov/bepa/index.htm

Alice Paul Institute/Paulsdale – https://www.alicepaul.org/

Susan B. Anthony Museum and House – www.susanb.org

Matilda Joslyn Gage House – http://www.matildajoslyngage.org/

Carrie Chapman Catt Childhood Home – http://www.catt.org/, good resource lists


The National Portrait Gallery – “Votes for Women: A Portrait in Persistence” (opening March 1, 2019) https://npg.si.edu/exhibition/votes-for-women

National Archives – “Rightfully Hers: American Women and the Vote” (opening March 8, 2019) https://www.archivesfoundation.org/women/

Free Pop-up Display – https://education.blogs.archives.gov/2018/09/19/rightfully-hers-pop-up/

Traveling Exhibit: “One Half of the People”  https://www.archives.gov/files/exhibits/nates/files/one-half-of-the-people-fact-sheet.pdf

Newseum – online suffrage exhibits – https://newseumed.org/search/?q=suffrage&

Also check the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, Museum of Women and the Arts, Radcliffe, Maine State Museum and many others

These are just a few examples, there are many more.


To download the “How Women Won the Vote” Gazette and a detailed Resource List,

  • go to NWHP.org, choose “Women’s History All Year” from dropdown menu
  • click on “Women’s Equality Day”
  • go to the very bottom of that page for the Gazette and more

  “Additional Print & Online Woman Suffrage Resources” has links and leads to state history   websites and to hundreds of books, autobiographies, films and other resources for 2020


There is also a lot on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Plus performers, authors, local artists and more.

Please keep us posted and updated – nwhp@nwhp.org

National Women’s History Alliance   www.nwhp.org