Linda McKenney is Susan B. Anthony! on Vimeo.


For a special August 26th treat, read Linda McKenney’s article about what it felt like to go public with her performance interpretation of Susan B. Anthony.

Other sources of information about performers for 2020 events and programs:

The National Women’s History Alliance (formerly the National Women’s History Project) has a database of performers and speakers. Contact them to arrange someone to feature in your 2020 programming to celebrate the 100 years since the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution. Find out more information about special performers for 2020 festivities by checking with the National Women’s History Alliance.

The Gazette, published by the National Women’s History Alliance, is committed to supporting the 2020 women’s rights centennial. It’s perfect for distribution at your special events and programs. A special 2020 issue is planned. Visit the NWHA’s shop to order fabulous resources that provide important information and contacts. Visit the NWHA store for books, gift items, posters, handouts and more.