Shirley features a calendar of events that either are directly or indirectly related to the women’s social revolution. Women’s history writer Sandra Weber attended a program on Saturday, March 29, at the Newman Center in Plattsburgh, NY which slipped back in time and celebrated the life and work of Shirley Temple with an all-16mm, all-celluloid event: “Shirley T.: Portrait of the Definitive Anti-Miley.” Andy MacDougall presented the program, according to Sandra’s report. She said: “It featured early clips of Temple’s work, including a hilarious but disturbing piece with children portraying politicians, and a full-length classic from 1937, ‘Heidi.’ For me, this event sparked an interest in learning more about the off-screen drama, activism, and courage of the woman who emerged from the little, sweet Shirley.” Shirley Temple died on February 10, 2014 in Woodside, Ca.

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