What’s going on at Suffrage Wagon News Channel? There’s a demonstration for cooking fresh corn on the cob, like nothing else. And there’s an experiment with fiction.

A special corn recipe inspired by Edna Buckman Kearns, suffrage activist! on Vimeo.


“The reporter position on The Moon was a fictional writing experiment in thinking big, beyond the immediate sphere of our planet,” according to SWNC anchor Marguerite Kearns. “We exist on Planet Earth as well as in the context of the lunar sphere, the sun, and the stars.” Writing with this perspective in mind gave me more space to think, create, and imagine, she said.

“The expansion into the fictional lunar sphere helped me expand within a broader framework,” Kearns commented. “I’m writing a script treatment now as an exercise in where humanity might be in a generation or two. This deepens my perspective, but it doesn’t replace it. I’ve been waiting for the 2020 women’s suffrage centennial for years. And promoting it too. It’s here, and the national and international awareness is monumental.”

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