Saving Suffrage History

Present-day movements that don’t weave the past into the present and future are missing out on an essential element. It’s like honoring a tree and ignoring the importance of watering the roots. The movement, UK Feminista, has addressed this in the past, and very early in their organization by hosting a Suffragette Summer School that’s continued to the present day. They no longer call it Suffragette Summer School, but the essence and inspiration is there.  The training program for the upcoming summer training is in Scotland and other locations.

The theme has continued into programs and campaigns, including a lobbying visit to Parliament in 2012 when present-day English suffragettes showed up in costume and a strong platform of recommendations of what’s needed now. Here’s a review: The Suffragette Summer School training of 2011. #1. #2. Encourage your local organizations to include an awareness and appreciation of women’s history when planning events and strategizing issues for the present day and future!

A quote from the Suffragette Summer School appeal:

“Up to 600 women and men will converge in Birmingham this weekend at the UK Feminista Summer School for two days training in feminist activism. This sell-out event, which attracted 200 bookings in the first 24 hours, marks a nationwide resurgence in feminist activity.

“Lessons at the Summer School will draw on century-old feminist tactics, like suffragette-style direct action, as well as the rather more modern approach of mobilising the masses through Facebook and Twitter. ‘Teachers’ include Egyptian feminist activist, Mozn Hassan, Fawcett Society director, Anna Bird, and UK Uncut activist, Aisha Mirza. Summer School students will also take part in an aerial photograph spelling out the words ‘Feminism is back’.”