Elizabeth Cady Stanton houseThe doors were locked this past week at the Elizabeth Cady Stanton home at the national park in Seneca Falls, New York. We barely got out of town before the federal shutdown was announced, but fortunately there was enough time to take in the visitors’ center, and experience the rebuilt Wesleyan Chapel, the Hunt and M’Clintock homes, where the organizers of the event met and set into motion an event that sparked a social revolution.

On the road we discovered rather quickly that daily blogging was ambitious. We completed Days #1, 2, and 3 before surrendering to the call of adventure and moving forward to experience as much as possible without keeping to the daily grind. We traveled to Johnstown, Fayetteville, Auburn, Rochester, and Farmington. No small accomplishment. And we’re catching up now that we’re back in the saddle of our so-called normal lives.

We won’t neglect bringing everyone up to date, eventually. Hang in there. Our blog entries are also available on the New York History site. So subscribe to Let’s Rock the Cradle, or check in with New York History. Here are some 2013 posts:

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