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A Solo Show
performed & written by Zoe Nicholson.


This is the story of the power that collects when women gather.  It is, what Zoe Nicholson calls, “Applied History.”  American women, drawn together for tea, ventured from the parlor onto the street and saw their power explode.  From the five organizers of the 1848 women’s conference of who held a meeting in Seneca Falls, NY to the millions who march all over the world, women together cannot be stopped.

“Tea with Alice and Me” is no history lesson. It is a call to action. Zoe has sifted through what works and how change occurs.  This show is the long view of women’s culture as politic. It is never finished.  It is dynamic. Zoe Nicholson is constantly expanding it to include yesterday, today and tomorrow.

At the center of Zoe’s heart is the first person to organize a march down Pennsylvania Ave, Miss Alice Paul.  Knowing this young Quaker woman who was arrested, served time and never rested in her 92 years, will invite you to celebrate applied history, applied activism, and honor the mother of American political activism.  When you put on a hat and march, you will know how that happened—Alice Paul.

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Tea with Alice and Me is a solo show. Of course it is really about a cup of revolution served up in nonviolent direct action. From 1775 through today, Zoe Nicholson takes you on her militant, revolutionary, feminist call to action. Hundreds of pictures and personal stories transport you to each time and place she describes. Zoe Nicholson says the following:

Short flourish upTea with Alice and Me is my heart song to Miss Paul. My mission is to introduce you to the brilliant, strategic, relentless champion of EQUALITY. She is my North Star, my teacher, my inspiration and I am committed to carry her as far as the winds allow. I am very happy in reaching so high, collating over 40 years of passion and setting hearts on fire. 

Quartet  Photo Credits: Josh Barash & City of West Hollywood

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Tea with Alice and Me

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