A celebration of Inez Milholland’s birthday can be as simple as a private celebration where you take yourself out to dinner, share a social media post, invite friends and family over for a full-fledged event, or a fundraiser for your organization. It’s up to you, and with this heads up to August 2019, you can accomplish a great deal.

Show the terrific film, “Forward into Light,” that your guests will love and say something like—”I didn’t know that the United States has a suffrage martyr.” Find out more about the film at InezMilholland.org. It’s a terrific and eyeopening experience to see the film.

Bring yourself up to date by visiting the 2016 Inez Milholland centennial web site at InezMilhollandCentennial.com 

Marguerite Kearns and Robert P.J. Cooney Jr. were the co-chairs of the Milholland observance for the Women’s History Alliance, formerly the National Women’s History Project.

And the blog for the observance of the 100th anniversary of Milholland’s death has plenty to consider. InezMilholland.wordpress.com

Remember the date for a birthday observance for Inez Milholland—August 6, 1886.

And rock the cradle to spread the word about the US suffrage martyr.

LetsRockTheCradle.com is a public service.


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