August 26th each year is the women’s 4th of July. It’s when US women bring to public attention the long and difficult journey to win the right to vote. Next year, 2020, is the big year, the national observance of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution. It’s going on all around us.


1. Make sure there’s a letter to the editor on your blog, in your local newspaper or newsletter bringing the observance to everyone’s attention. Women’s Equality Day didn’t just appear. It’s been around since 1973, although it isn’t yet a national holiday even though there’s momentum for adding August 26th to the list.

August 26th is celebrated in the US to commemorate the 1920 adoption of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution which prohibits the states and the federal government from denying voting rights to citizens of the United States on the basis of sex. It was first celebrated in 1973 and is proclaimed each year by the United States President.

2. Plan for how you or your organization will participate in the 2020 national observance of individuals and organizations across the nation.

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5. IF YOU’RE A WRITER, PHOTOGRAPHER, OR PHOTOGRAPHER, use your freelance outlets to publish information about the 2020 centennial of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution. LetsRockTheCradle networks with writers, photographers, suffrage advocates, and bloggers in order to spread the word.

6. Get together local supporters and march in your community’s parades as a contingent. Many suffrage centennial supporters are doing this. Here is one example:

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